Back at it!

It’s official!! First race of the year!!  
Well here we go! I did my first running race of the year on January 15th!! GAH! It was difficult, but I gott’er done! I decided at the beggining of the year, that I would sign up for the MEC Race Series to get my butt in gear!! So happy I have decided to do this! The weather has been too cold to start training, so I did my first 5km race without any training at all…and it was very difficult at the end… hurt like hell! But it was a wake-up call that I need to start looking after my body and I need to get out there more! Challange accepted!

 I am posting my times/pace to show a) I am very slow and anyone can do this!! b) it’s a good record of progress! 

Not an empressive route but it was flat and a good place to start!! 

I hope you enjoy my blog! I would love to hear how you are starting off your year!!  


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