Turning 40

Well, holy crap, I am turning 40! Gah! But you know what?  I couldn’t be happier with my life right now! I love my new condo and my husband is officially the best husband in the world!

We are heading out on a birthday adventure this weekend, going up island and then to Point no Point for my “official” 40th Birthday on Monday!  I am very excited. Point no Point is a WIFI free zone and there really isn’t any mobile phone coverage out there either, so I will be off grid for a few days!  This is why I have decided to send this out in advance…to be followed by pictures and tales of adventures upon my return.

I am hoping to start my 40’s off on the right foot, and I am going to start living a more healthy lifestyle.  Saying this, I am not into dieting or anything crazy like that.  I am looking forward to sustaining a healthy life with the joy of a glass of wine and a piece of cake! I saw this quote on the internet recently:

travel-areal-aelawa-life-is-short-take-the-trip-buy-5707843.pngLife IS to short to stop doing the things we love because we are trying to fit into an image that we think we should be.  I just want to start exercising more, learn new things and eat healthy…when I can.  But I will still LOVE going out for lunch and having that ice-cream every once and a while.

Here’s to my 40th and the list of adventures ahead!

Suggestions on new things I should try (keep it clean and not too expensive please! ) Reply in comments and I will let you know if your suggestions make it to THE LIST!


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