Things happen for a reason 

Oh man! My blogging has slipped away on me again! Sheesh…. I love blogging so much, but I have let my days get away from me….SO SORRY!  It’s a cloudy Sunday morning and I am sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee and my accent iPad (please don’t crash again before I finish this blog!) But here I am happy as a clam with my blankets wrapped around me listening to the birds.

I was inspired to start blogging again when I stumbled upon a blog post I started over a month ago…. 
Good morning! It’s 0554 “and what does the ‘0’ stand for: Oh my God it’s early ‘ (Thank you Robin Williams (Good Morning Vietnam)) I am enjoying my morning ritual of coffee by the breakwater. Aka coffee by the sea. I awoke to a beautiful sunrise through my bedroom window. Dave and I just moved in to our new Condo and we couldn’t be happier!  I honestly feel like I am on Vacation.

Things happen for a reason.  I know we have all heard that one before, but I truly think that we endure things to get to the good stuff, or we would never appreciate it!  Looking back over the last 6 years (Yup, it’s been 6 YEARS since I moved back to Canada from the UK!) And how my life has changed.  There has been some ups and downs including a divorce (down) and meeting and marrying the most fantastic guy ever (up!).  

Dave and I happily settled into his tiny one bedroom condo.  It worked for the first 3 years, but it was getting a little to small for our liking.  PLUS it was on a very busy road, like our balcony opened onto the road.  It was hard to get away from the noise. We put the condo on the market and for the next three months we had many viewings, but not one offer. All of the comments were” it’s a beautiful condo, well looked after and in a great area, but we don’t like the noise from the road”. Great…neither do we! However, it was getting very tiring hearing the same thing over and over again with not one single offer. So, we took it off the market, agreed to get some trees to line the balcony and block some of the noise and got it into our heads that this is enough for now….we will just need to do a lot of traveling!

Over a month later, I came back from a run, when Dave said our realtor called and was wondering if we were still interested in selling!?! Ummmmm, what? We weren’t even on the market anymore. We played the card of…well it’s got to be a serious offer and enough to to cover all the expenses….she came back within an hour with full asking!!! Miricals do happen!!! Problem was… We wanted a house and the housing market in Victoria was booming and there wasn’t anything we could afford. We decided to open our minds to the condo option again and within the week we found our gem! Brand new, two bed, two bath condo on top of a hill facing trees and the ocean. Perfect!! We couldn’t be happier here.
I guess the reason I am writing today into say never give up on the dream, yet the dream might not always look like you expect it to look. We wanted a house SO BAD! But we found this perfect gem and we are loving it. Bonus is, it was half the price of a house and when we want to travel we can lock it up and walk away!

Well my lovelies… enjoy your Sunday! I will get blogging again, I promise !!!

Sunrise from a couple days ago… told you this place was a gem!! 


3 thoughts on “Things happen for a reason 

  1. A friend commented via Facebook: I do not normally read people’s blogs.. but I did read this one and I actually enjoyed it and 100% agree with you on the dreams point.. you search maybe hidden somewhere different. -Tina B

    Thank you Tina…. these words mean so much!!


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