Tea, coffee red wagons and good friends!

So, I live on a beautiful island called Vancouver Island. For all you non Canadians, this is a massive island ( about the size of England) off the west coast of Canada and is home to the capital of British Columbia: Victoria. I love living in Victoria, it’s a little big city! It has a great city with loads of character, but sometimes it’s nice to get off the ‘rock’ and go to Vancouver, ‘the big city’.

My morning started with a quick bite at Victoria’s Muchies before hopping on a float plane!! 

Murchie’s is an institution in Victoria… They have a wide verity of teas and some of the best cakes and scones in the world!

  Now if you haven’t been in a float plane… Put it on your bucket list! It is such a great experience to travel I. These machines! There is also a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver; however, flying is the best way to go!!
This weekends plan was to meet with friends and eat! First stop: Giovani’s 


I came here as I fly standby with the float plane company, so I arrived early…. Best capriccio’s ever! Plus they have sugar buns…. More about that later…

Next stop: Red Wagon 

  What a fantastic little dinner! I met my friend and her little man (her 9 month old son) here for brunch. We had to wait outside for about 15 min…. But well worth it! Pork belly in my belly!!! So good! Their definition of onion cakes was a little different than I expected…. I thought onion and potato….they were actual onion pancakes! Sweet not savoury! But it totally worked!!

That was just to start the day…. Bandido’s and sugar buns to come…..stay tuned!! 

What’s your favourite breakfast place…leave a comment, I love discovering new places!! 


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