A do run run run..

URGH!  I have not enjoyed running AT ALL in the past. It was just something that was done in school.  For the most part, when I was young, I was pretty good!  I was encouraged to do the long distant competitions and I ran track.  Then high school came and I became WAY more interested in gymnastics and dance.  As I got older, I was encouraged in university to start again as it was free exercise. HATED IT. I tried a number of times to get into it, but it just really wasn’t my thing.
SO, a friend at work recently also said the same thing…hates running, but is going to run the TC 10k this year as a challenge to himself!  Thanks name left out for privacy! Sheesh.

I am always up for a challenge, especially when there are people in the same boat.  A friend of ours gave me a link to ZenLabs Fitness app called the 10k trainer (Apple app, also available on Android.  Basically it takes your from the couch to 10k in 14 weeks. It’s GREAT!!  There is someone in my ear telling me it’s OK to walk! But then kicks my butt to start running again.  Brilliant!

So far I am on week 3 day 1, but I will jump ahead soon, as I know I can run longer for 3 min and for longer than 30 min.

Here goes nothing!  I CAN and WILL do this.
I even got out in the rain (although I needed a little bit of FB friend encouragement to get me out there!)

Of course, there is the post run Arbonne shake to keep me going!! Still can’t believe how pea protein can be SO good! Non GMO too!! (Did I mention also gluten and Soy free?) Want more information?  Please sign up for my Healthy Living Newsletter

What’s your challenge this year?


2 thoughts on “A do run run run..

    1. You CAN do it for sure! Honestly, I HATED running! I’ve only done 4 run/walks now and I did 5.5k yesterday 😳 I NEVER thought I would go that far so soon… But the interval training has been awesome! Let me know how you do!

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