These shoes were made for walking

These feet! This man! SO, Dave likes shoes. I like shoes!

We are a perfect match in many ways!  Dave bought me this pair of bright orange Nike’s on our first ‘Real’ trip together to Las Vegas!  What a trip!  I think we walked the entire “strip” from one end to the other and back on the night we arrived… in flip flops! (The return journey I don’t remember much as I discovered those yummy slushy drinks!) Yummmmmm. The next day…well… I wasn’t feeling so great…but we still had a wonderful day out shopping and getting bright orange shoes!  He treated me to them!  I was having a rough patch (in between jobs ) and the holiday was booked while I was still working.  SO, I didn’t have all that much cash for some awesome orange shoes… and I love them!

So these orange shoes have taken us on a number of other trips, including Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs and where this photo is taken… New Zealand.

I am so happy I have found a husband who enjoys travelling as much as I do.  It’s hard to try to find that perfect travel partner.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we did not get along at all!  But for the most part, we travel really well together!

We have been from the coast of Oregon (our first trip) to the Fjords of New Zealand!  I am SO looking forward on going on so many more adventures with this man!

PS Yes, I promise to get to the rest of New Zealand trip…the words just aren’t flowing right now for it!

Enjoy life!  This is the only one we remember!




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