Blogging on the bus

Well…as promised, I am trying to blog more! After starting my healthy living business, I have found, funny enough, I barely have time to work full time and do my new part time business… But you know what? I love it! I love helping others and letting people know that there is a conscious brand out there that we can enjoy that will not destroy the earth or is! I am enjoying watching my little team learn and grow together! Bliss!

Besides that, life is good! Had a horrible cold this weekend, which I don’t think I have had one this bad in years! Fever and everything! Gah! But I rested up and watched all the DIY channels…. I’ve leavened a lot and I really wish Scott McGillvray would come to the west coast and help us find a house with an income suite!! That said our Condo is for sale!! Yippee! Just need someone to buy it now!! 

On my way to work, so I thought I would get in a little update! Still not feeling 100% but hey ho! It’s off to work I go! 

Here are a few shots of my home town! I love this place! Victoria, BC is the best!

Happy Tusday everyone!! 

The Empress hotel is getting a face lift… But I love the scaffolding cover! You would never know…   

Our provincial parliament in its shinning glory!
A beautiful statue I walk by most mornings…. I should really look at why she is there….



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