NZ and we are off!

I must say, this was an adventure of a lifetime!  Not only did I get to travel with the love of my life, we experienced some amazing adventures together!  AND, as a bonus, we didn’t kill each other!  RESULT!

Our first night was at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport.  If you have early morning flights from Vancouver and can splurge…then please do!  It is TOTALLY worth it!


K, I know it isn’t the most glamorous photo out there…but this was a view from our room!  Both my husband I are nerds when it comes to planes, so as soon as we got into the room, we had our noses pressed up against the window!  “Oh there is one coming in, can you see it?….wow…coool… look at the spray when it lands….OH! there’s another one all lined up!” sad really!


(A better picture taken from the Fairmont website… what it should look like on a nicer day)

Dave had his Christmas party to go to that evening (spouses not allowed) so I treated myself to a pedicure!  One’s feet must look presentable if they are about to be in flip flops for the next month!



The next morning, I rolled out of bed at check in time, (yes this is the bonus of staying at the Airport.  I rolled out in my sweats and checked in, then rolled back into bed!)

This was the first of our international standby flights and the night before we were told there were around 7 seats left.   For some reason a bunch of seats opened up so they checked us in with seats and everything!  The staff at Westjet ROCK!  I know they only did this as we were the only two on standby for that flight, so there was little chance that someone else could take the seats away from us, but they were friendly and awesome!  We were also on a new plane, which was superb!  Comfortable…but full AND it had something like 16 infants on board!  But for the most part it was a smooth and relaxing flight.

Our first stop was Honolulu, where we would be spending one night before getting on our flight to Auckland.


Stay tuned…..

What are some of your interesting airport experiences?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!


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