The New Zealand Adventure Begins

OK…so I was supposed to be blogging as we went. The adventure of it all took over…and most places we stayed had little or no (free) wifi!  So here is what I meant to send Dec 5th 2015… Enjoy!



Well…here we are! We are on our way.  Last night we packed up, checked all the boxes and let Parker dog know that he had to stay with his grandparents for 3 weeks.  Believe me, I am sure he will be fine and get all the treats in the world why we are away! Plus we made sure we packed all his favorite toys, beds and huts!  Parker wasn’t too impressed when we left him in Pop’s truck…he gave me that look of “why can’t I come?” I am sure he will be just fine!

First things first, this is a HUGE adventure for us! We are traveling on all our flights as standby….. So this could be interesting!! Our first standby flight to Vancouver have been cancelled due to weather….but that’s ok, we are now on the way on a ferry… joy of living on an island!! It is very windy out there today! Our ferry was even delayed for 20 min!  So far so good! A little bumpy, but we are still in the production of the golf islands….. Just waiting for that streak has of open ocean for 30 min!!!


SO, here we go!  First stop Fairmont Vancouver Airport!



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