The Bay

Birch bay….. If you don’t know where it is, just pop across the border at White Rock, BC and drive 5 min south, then 10 min west.  It is a little gem of a place that has been a holiday stop of many Vancouverites over the years.  My mom told be stories of coming down here in the 60’s for dances and drive in movies. 

My grand parents have always had a summer place.  When I was really small, it was up at Hatsik Lake, near Harrison Hotsprings.  By the time I was 10, they moved their holiday place to Birch Bay Washington, and I have been spending most of my summers here since ( all but the summers I lived in England, as it was a little bit out of the way to get here)

My mom used to bring me and my friends down here when I was in high school. We would walk along the waterfront, checking out boys, eating ice cream and enjoying the last of the suns rays.

In my adulthood, this place has been my Mecca, when my marriage fell apart.  I would come down here, on my own, and enjoy the sound of the rain falling on the roof and just read books and relax andcontemplate  what my next moves would be with moving forward with my life.  Not to mention that the beer is a wonderful price down here…so I cracked a few by the gas firering on the deck.
When I brought my future (second) husband down here for the first time, he was in awe.  It’s so peaceful he said.  It is now our ‘go to’ place to get away from it all! The bonus: Parker likes it too!

Mom and her :’Granddog’

Mr P … Our fearless guard dog…. Death by licking!  
Mmmmmmmmmmmm Boyd’s of Portland!

Our place at birch bay is a trailer…. Oops sorry mom! It is a ‘Park Model’!!!! So in the summer the temp is just right… But in the winter….. Brrrrrrrr! There is a heater, not to mention it is EVEN more quiet in the winter!

If you ever want a nice quiet getaway… Head to Birch Bay!


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