30 days DONE!

And you know… it wasn’t that bad! Through this experience, I had the opportunity to do this 30 days with some great people! And we all attacked it from a different angle. Life did not stand still while we were doing this challenge! However, we all seemed to take each setback day with our eyes open and forgiveness in our hearts. Sure a glass of wine during the week wouldn’t kill us and the potato chips and snacks on the weekend wouldn’t spiral the challenge into a never ending loop of bad choices. NO! We all acknowledged our weaknesses and celebrated when we would carry on the next day like nothing happened.


I think the most important thing I have taken from these 30 days to healthy is: This is NOT a diet, but a life choice. Yes, I have let my self have a few more cheats per day, now that I am not physically doing the challenge; however, the results are keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I have lost at LEAST 10lbs by doing this!! I have weaned myself down to one cup a coffee a day (she says as I take a sip)! I eat SO many more vegetables and make sure they dominate my plate instead of the carbs and protein. I am still trying to avoid white carbs where possible; however, my husband loves them! So they will show up now and again!

I just stared to use the chocolate shakes… Yummmmm!

And the fizzy tabs in the morning make that one coffee stretch all day!!

 The other thing I have noticed is my sweet tooth has almost disappeared! Just a little bit of sugar is all I need! This makes me very happy.

On that note, I am off to New Zealand in 8 days!!! We can’t wait!!! And I will probably gain all 10 lbs back…. oh well! I will start another 30 days to healthy in January!

If you want to do your own 30 Days to Healthy…. please follow this link for the invite and put me down as your consultant (Darcie Williams). I will support you and celebrate you along the way!

30 Days to Healthy Invite

This is TOTALLY FREE!! You will receive an encouraging email everyday with tips and tricks on how to stay on track and how to get the most out of your 30 Days to Healthy.

I believe in YOU!

Stay tuned… New Zealand Adventures begin soon!!!



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