30 days to healthy Challenge – week 3 day 15!

Week three….yessss!!! Feeling pretty good too!

Coffee…my best friend, I have found that my decaf this morning tasted like the real thing! And I didn’t get a nasty head ache! Sweet….. Let’s see what happens tomorrow!

It wasn’t that difficult getting back on track this morning! I had my leamon eater and my green Arbonne shake….yum! I then had a handful of almonds and dried cranberries… You know, I was fine! Lunch came around and I had my smoked tofu with wholewheat Melba toasts and a plethora of veggies with hummus! Fully satisfied!

My hurdle comes when I get home. I am starving! But I still did well and had the rest of my roast chicken and made some more steamed veggies. Perfect….still doing great (splurge on a little gravy, thought)  The other trick is, I need to eat earlier…like around 5!  To make sure I don’t go for those white carbs!


But then… The shadow of the weekend creeps back and reminds me I have a BOX of wine left over in the fridge.  Well I have heard wine IS good for you!

I promise it will only be one!


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