Birthday weekend – a break from the challenge

Friday 3 pm my Dave picks me up from work and we are heading to the Wild West coast! No, there weren’t any Cowboys …. Well there might have been, but unless they traded in their boots and hat for a wetsuit, I didn’t see any.  


We booked a little cabin for two nights, at fossil bay resort. It is nesseled 40 min past Sooke on the west coast of Vancouver island. It was a perfect weekend! And I think Parker enjoyed it too!

The cabin was basic, but the hot tub on the balcony over looking the ocean made up for anything it was lacking! There was also a wonderful fire place…which Parker approved of! 

Dave is an amazing man….he cooked me eggs Benny for breakfast and made sure the fire was going, so I could drink coffee and open my presents! Last year of my thirties….. Yikes!! 

After breakfast we went on a Wild West Coast walk (or should I say wet coast!) we drove our little smart car (Betty) down, what would be best described as a logging road, to Sombrio beach. The 4 x 4’s passing us honked and waved and seemed in awe that Betty was making it down the road I one piece!

 The walk was a little difficult over all the pebbles on the beach, but soon we were at the trail head/ mini river, for our hike in the woods! We had our welly boots on, so the mud and water was fine…P thought it was a bit much though near the end!

We returned to the warmth of the hot tub and fire and enjoyed the rest of the day laying around, reading books and soaking in the hot tub. 

This weekend was bliss!!


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