30 Days to Healthy – day 11

Well, I have come to the conclusion….I love coffee! And at this point, cutting back to one coffee a day is a feat in itself!  So I am continuing on having my beloved coffee in the morning….all be it a tall instead of a grande! But what I noticed the most about drinking coffee? When it’s around, I don’t drink water. Hunh! I am going to be more mindful and get my water drink on!

Now, I did hav a wee slip yesterday….half a bag of a single serving chips and a beer! I was celebrating ok!!! I received an extension of one year onto my term at work! I don’t know if you had anything to do with it, but THANK YOU PRIMINISTER TRUDEAU!!! So far so good! I also finalized my application for our employment pool at work, so I can continue to serve Canadians!

I did manage to make a healthy meal out of nothing…. Mines the brown wrap…I can only convince Dave so far into healthy eating…

So, I am also taking the next two days off my challenge…. I’ll extend by two days at the end! It’s my birthday on Saturday so I am taking two days off to go away with my lovely husband to a cabin on the coast…. Watch this space for details 

Happy weekend everyone!

(Was supposed to send this on Friday from the cabin…but we didn’t have Wifi….. Good and bad )


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