30 Days to Healthy Challenge – Day 9 and 10

Well…..day 9 was bliss! I work a flex schedule at work, and yesterday was my flex day 😃. I started it with the usual: hot water and lemon and a green, protein and fiber shake! 

I drove across town to meet one of my closest friends!  We made plans to meet at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. To be honest, this is a little tradition of ours… We like to meet up there on my flexdays…where possible. 

And here is why…..

We soaked and chatted for a couple of hours, then I had an appointment to go to……booooo!  BUT they said I could come back later! Sweet. I went to my appointment, got home, walked and fed the dog, then headed back out!!! When I returned it was starting to get a bit dark, and the option of the three different tempature of pools was bliss. I floated on my back and based up at the stars 😀.  Came home to a wonderful dinner with my husband and then bed!

Day 10! Same start to the day…..and some dried fruit and nuts.  I had to go and have a coffee as my day was going to be filled with 14 year olds. It was bring your kids to work day.  Not that I have kids…let alone a 14 year old, but I have experience working with kids. And you know what it was fun. But it killed me! SO tired! This is where I had a second reminder I need to plan an afternoon snack to keep my energy up and so I don’t go buy a hamburger! Don’t worry, I didn’t go and get one. I had a plate of veggies and dip when I got home, like a good girl. But I had to rest for a bit before I applied for my job…again.

Yes you heard right. Working as a public servant is awesome ! However, as a newish hire, I do not have permanent status, which means I need to apply for the pool every year or so…. And they only give us 24 hrs to apply….fun! If done my draft now, so will proof it in the morning and submit it!
On that note… I’m off to bed. I hope I sleep like a baby.

Fancy doing a 30 days to healthy challenge? Here’s the Invite to 30 days to healthy 

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