30 Days to Healthy Challange – Day 4 & 5

Baaaaa! Yesterday was crazy! But awesome too! I’m loving this Arbonne protein powder and greens! Yummmmm! I’m finding it very satisfying in the morning! 

I keep on getting asked…. Why are you doing this? Good question really! I am doing this because I want to kick start my system to a healthier me! To be honest, I do eat fairly well already.  However, I have been taking far to ‘cheat’ days or making excuses to just have that Big Mac . AND I LOVE FOOD! I think these 30 days will will create some great habits!

Day 4 – the highlight of this day was I made it to the gym for a dance based class. The bus was super late getting home, but I was still able to get Parker out for a walk and then headed to the gym. When I showed up, I found out that the class was a special Halloween class! Instead of it being 55min it was 1 1/2 hrs and we were learning the moves from the thriller video! It was a full on dance class…and I loved it!  It has been a while since I have had to remember a choreographed dance! I did reward myself with a glass of wine when I got home!!

Day 5 – I must not have had enough dinner the night before because I was SO HUNGRY!!  And I was craving eggs! So I did treat myself to scrambled eggs and a hash brown ! Plus it was Friday! As part of my 30 day Challange I have decided that weekends don’t count.so I had my wine when I got home and relaxed  for the evening!
To be honest, now that the weekend is here…maybe I will only go off plan a little instead of a lot….

Relaxing with P



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