30 Days to healthy -day 3

Yay, hump day! Gah! Today has been a difficult one! Although it also has been fantastic because I finally got to have my Arbonne shake this morning, with my greens and fiber!!! Sure got things moving 😳 and it tasted great!

Looking at it though….it doesn’t look that great….but it was jam packed full of all things good and honestly it was really good!

I had my fizz tabs in the afternoon…that got my through the slump and then I was SO hungry when I got home!  Note to self, I need a mid afternoon healthy snack at hand…cause when I got home…it was a handful of chips and a couple slices of cheese 😞 fail!!

But I followed it with a 10 min core work out….which I’m upping to at least 20 min tomorrow!

Parker was trying to help me with my workout… He loves the yoga matt!

All small steps right!  Dinner tonight was the best! I slow cooked a chicken and put a salad on it! Yummm!

You know what I am most excited about? How excited the ladies are that are doing this Challange with me! Their enthusiasm and positives urges me on and inspires me to keep my goals!  YOU LADIES ROCK!
If you are thinking of embarking on a 30 day Challange…get some friends together and let’s do this!

Comment on this post if you are interested in doing a 30 days to healthy challenge and I will walk you through the first steps to a healthier you!


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