30 Days to Healthy Challange Day 2!!!

So today was an up and down type of day! I slept like a log last night. Possibly to the due to the yoga and no coffee….So we will see how tonight goes.

But alas that meant I woke up very groggy and went and got a coffee as soon as I got off the bus this morning at 645. Small steps right!!!

My smoothly went down well (better than yesterday) and it kept me going, for most of the morning!  

(banana, kale, frozen berries, and flax milk)

This is when things went a little sideways. No I didn’t go and stuff my face full of chips and a large chunk of cheese….although I wanted to!! Work got a bit crazy! I am volunteering for the United Way fundraiser at work, so we were getting the food ready for the wrap up!  Oh the temptation….but I was able to hold off and only a piece of cheese and meat, a couple of veggies and some whole wheat crackers….phew!!

I then had a quick bite of veggies and went on a power walk for 30 min with a colleague! Victoria is beautiful this time of year and it was great to get out and into the fresh air!!!!

When I returned, I helped with the wrap up again and then headed back to my desk to eat lunch (left over salmon and brown rice) but I ate it way to late in the afternoon….and now I don’t want dinner…except for the cake in the fridge! Maybe I’ll make an avocado salad…ya….there I go! 

And just a sliver over left over birthday (early) cake…really it was only two (or three bites).

Lastly….our Arbonne order arrived!!!
I am SO EXCITED to try out the protein powder, fizztabs and greens!! I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a more poductive day!!

What do you think would be the hardest thing to give up on a 30 day challenge? 

Do you fancy joining me on this adventure? If so please see this Invitation

If you are interested in Arbonne products….please see my Website

Let’s start living the life we imagined!!


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