30 Days to Healthy Challenge DAY 1 !!!!

So far so good!

I had my morning of lemon water and a smoothie. I wouldn’t suggest adding as much seaweed as I did (1 whole sheet)… it came out tasting a bit funny. BUT the big news is, I have not had a COFFEE all day. This is tough for me! I know that coffee is not the best for you, but you know what?!? I LOVE IT! Saying that I am willing to try my best and not have any during these 30 days…or at least half of it, to see if I notice a difference or not.

I can’t wait for my Arbonne order to arrive tomorrow with my shakes and fizzy tabs! They should get me through my morning routine and my afternoon slump!

I only had one small slip up with a small piece of banana bread….yummy but it’s all about taking the steps in the right direction !

Dinner was awesome! Baked salmon with lemon dill, brown rice and broccoli 

I also made it to my first yoga class in a very long time…happy girl!! 

Now it is time for my lemon water and then my bed. 
As my dad would say: ‘nighty, nighty’ and I would reply: ‘ pajamas, pajamas!’

If you wanted to do a 30 day challenger….what would be your motivation?


2 thoughts on “30 Days to Healthy Challenge DAY 1 !!!!

  1. Awesome Darcy!!
    It’s about baby steps! Though I would suggest a straw with lemon water so that the lemon doesn’t attach your tooth enamel too bad…then brush your teeth (though might taste funny after lemon water).
    Way to go! Find little things each day to keep your mojo going!!


    1. Thank you Julie! You are the second person to mention the straw idea! I will do that for sure!
      I might cave and have a coffee today… But much less than I normally do… Baby steps indeed!


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