T25 Focus Challenge: Week Two

This inspired me as a person who suffers from hypothyroidism … I shall blog about it soon xxDC

28 and Counting...

I met with my doctor this week about my thyroid health and we discussed my current weight loss and fitness goals. I am going to try and convey what he said to me because I think it could help others in a similar position. Please excuse my lack of scientific awareness though; this is explained in laymen’s terms at their very best. Of course, I am not giving you medical advice, just sharing a personal anecdote.

My doctor explained that the body is resistant to change. While being fat isn’t healthy for me, my body has become used to it. I have started to change my eating and exercise habits, but my body is uncertain about what’s coming next. As such, it may opt to hold onto its fat stores just in case. Once my body realizes that my current lifestyle has become the new status quo, it will be more willing to let go of…

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