Pedal Power

I love living in Victoria, BC! This city has so much to offer! Not only is t nesseled at the southern tip of a beautiful island, we also get to enjoy some fantastic weather. The last time I saw snow in Victoria was in 2012 and I had to walk to work, cause I wouldn’t trust anyone driving in it!

We also have many wonderful cycling trails, which I am blessed to have right outside my door! Now, I know I should do it more often, but I have ridden to work a few times. It’s about 8km and takes me about 30 min on the galloping goose trail. 

This morning while walking Parker dog, I though “why don’t I just put my bike on the bus and ride home “? It’s too dark for me to ride to work and I am attempting to get back in shape, after gaining 20lbs over the past two years (I guess happiness = weight gain?) 

So that’s what I did and I am looking forward to the ride home!

8 hours later…..

What a fanatic ride home! I had some disappointing news at work, so it was great to hop on my Specialized bike and pedal home! My favourite part is passing the traffic!!
And getting home in 30 min!!!

Here’s to a healthy start to the week….



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