Hello 2015!!!

Well, well, well… It’s the new year and I always wonder how it came around so fast again! 2014 was full of major changes for me, with a new job with the Federal Government of Canada! Working for Service Canada is an honor as I like the idea of serving my fellow Canadians. I am working in the department of foundation services and even though I am only a small cog in the works, we all work together to serve our Canadian Penioners.

Another excited announcement is……drum roll please…..Dave and I are engeged!!! Yippee, I am one very happy and very lucky girl! It was an additional present served to me on bended knee atop a small hill behind our place on Christmas Day 😘. Let the planning begin!


This year is for getting healthy and blogging more….I true do love it and I hope you enjoy my a glimpse in to my thoughts!

Happy New Year everyone!


Let’s do this!

Today is the day to start living the rest of my life!

It’s time to start living the life you imagined!


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