A morning routine

Coffee !!!! Liquid, life giving goodness. I recently rediscovered the ‘French Press’ style of coffee. The sound of the grinder wakes me up every morning, but to see that luscious buttery foam on the top, while its brewing, simply makes me smile. This mornings brew is some kickass from Kicking Horse coffee company.

Parker dog also makes my morning! His little shuffles and grunts while I get his ‘crunchies’ ready in the morning makes me smile. He also is responsible for getting me out for a little walk every morning…for which I am greatful! IMG_2222.JPG

I recently discovered juicing! So much fun! Who knew I could pack so many nutrients into one glass. I am having fun with the different colors and flavours! My two lessons this week : juice ahead and ginger. By putting my juice in mason jars, it can stay fresh for up to three days! Ideally you want to juice and drink, but when you are working 5 days a week, it’s nice to get a few ready to kick start my week. Thanks to Joe the Juicer…he rocks! Oh! and ginger…put it through the juicer for and extra kick and some warmth!


Lastly, I mentioned mason jars. Yup I love them. I’ve made salads ahead as well with the, and the lettuce actually got crisper in the jar!!! Super sweet!!


Enjoy this fine foggy day out there my friends!!

What’s part of your morning routine ? Picture comments welcome 🙂


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