Get in shape girl!

Well, the nights are getting longer, the food is getting heartier and the beer is getting darker too! Fall has finally arrived in victoria in its wet and wonderful way. To be honest, I have missed the rain. I love the smell, the sound and the feel of rain. It makes me smile! I actually have an app that plays the sound of rain while I sleep….love it!! I have discovered a new brewery nearby… Four Mile Brewing….get those growlers out and filled!! SO good!!


October has been a busy month so far, with birthdays, pedicures and PAINT NIGHT!! If you haven’t experienced this yet, I would highly recommend it!!! So much fun. I loved getting my creative juices flowing!!!

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I also had the chance to get out on a paddle board a couple of times…. Loved it… Such an awesome sport!

I have also embarked on a no Facebook October, which has been interesting; however I have noticed that I am much more social!! Such a good thing, but I am missing catching up with friends far and wide!

I have also joined a gym. As I am now back at having a site own job, I though it would be best to get off my butt and back into the gym. Steve Nash Clubs is opening up a brand new gym at Uptown, and I am so excited!! I used his clubs in White Rock, so needless to say I am happy to get back into it. The club isn’t open yet, so I am using their old location….it’s a bit dingy, but it also has a hot tub, so I am going to take advantage of that while I can!!! Watch this space for the trials and tribulations !! I have also signed up for 3 personal training sessions, to get on the right track. Yoga class tonight!!!

Go into that world brave and strong…. You only have this one life to live (or only one we remember, so make it count) 😀.


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