It must be fall

SO back to school is here… Or not. BC teachers and BC Govt are still not seeing eye to eye here in BC. I wish, for the children’s sake, they get something sorted soon. I hope the teachers get the class sizes and composition that is required for a suitable learning environment for all! PEACE

BUT it WAS back to school for me…. Well sort of. I have moved positions within my department and wow, there is a lotta learning to be done! Bring on the challenge I say! I love using my brain!

Along with the new learning phase, came the weather change!!! Monsoon time in Victoria BC. Well it felt like it anyway! Record rain fall fell in our streets yesterday… I don’t think I have ever seen it rain that hard here. LOVED IT! I am a lover of the rain. I love he sound, the smell and the power of it! We are back to sunny skies for the rest of the week, but it is getting cooler for sure!

Loving life right now. Happy in my job, with my man and simply enjoying everything life has given me.

Ice bucket challenge to do this weekend (I live in a condo, so no place to dump a bucket).

I also spent a weekend with my brother in the USA. Dave and I took the Anacortes ferry then drove up to Birch Bay, WA. What a gem of a place. My grandparents have had a place down there for years, which my mom inherited. Just a little ‘park model’ near the beach. Love it. To top it off, my brother lives near by as well! We had a great visit with a round of golf included!!

Go out there and grab the hand of life and walk through this wonderful place together!


Visiting my brother… He loves Parker dog!




Anacortes ferry and the sunset


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