Pop Tart Kinda Day

Yes… A Pop Tart kind of day. It’s foggy out and I just want to sit on the couch and watch day time TV and knit.

Pop Tarts are one of my many comfort breakfast foods (fruit loops are included in this category). I know I should not eat this Junk… I can remember my mom saying not to eat this garbage, but we would get them once and a while…or spoiled by my Dad when we visited him on the weekends.

br />

I like to toast them so they are a little brown…yum!

I think Parker the Boston terrier is thinking about having a relaxing day too:


He loves getting I his hut with all his toys!! I love this little guy so much!!

Lastly, I wanted to share my new knitting project…in the hopes it will encourage me to keep at it! If anyone has knitting experience and wants to share their knowledge…please leave a comment!

I am planning on making a blanket with squares…..which me luck! After this I want to learn how to make a Toque (knit hat for those non Canadians reading my blog) again any suggestions from fellow bloggers are more than welcome.

Here is my blanket progress:


I also have 2 other squares completed…so this may take a while!!!!

Happy Monday everyone…. My new Temp job starts tomorrow!!!! Wish me luck!!


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