I love making bread. I love the smell, the kneading, the waiting and the punching! I had a bread maker for a while and it was lovely and convenient; however there is nothing like kneading and waiting for it to rise the old fashioned way. There is a slight worry that this skill is going to be lost. I don’t really know many people whom make their own bread.

When I worked for Eaton’s (I am showing my age now) I worked with a wonderful inspiring lady name Vicky Perry. She always has a smile on her face and told me how to find a good man! (Her advice included that he introduces his Mom with his arm around her saying isn’t she great! (I should have followed this advice in my first marriage)). Vicky was also one of the first people I met who made her bread once a week, by hand. She often gave me loaves for Chirstmas/Birthday (they are heavenly) and one day I asked her to show me how it’s done. Little did I know I would be there all day! But what a treat. We measured and kneaded and waited, drank cups of tea and set the world to rights. To be honest, I think I should get in touch with Vicky again and see if she can show me again. I have mastered white bread (the only bread Dave will eat) but I want to make her whole wheat bread again.

Go out there and bake some bread people!!!

So here is my bread baking day. I trolled Pintrest for the following recipe : Rosebuds Butter Topped White Bread

Yeast doing its thing

Adding flour

Flour explosion!!!

First rise!


Second rise



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