Happy New Year!!

Sorry for the delay… Christmas and the month of December and the first few weeks in January were crazy!

January didn’t start off very well. News from the UK brought sadness with the loss of my friends husband to cancer floors me. It gave me a shake that life on this earth is so precious! My heart went out to my friend and her family. I felt the space between me and my friends in the UK grow so far appart…. I need to head over there this summer!

Dave and I started with making pasta with my very handy new gadget that I got for Christmas:



It was our first try so we just made egg pasta with the plan to make flavored pasta next time. It was a blast! Trying to figure out how to get the initial dough through the first roller, we were laughing our heads off as it was coming through in chunks! We finally got it rolling (ya pun intended) and we made so much! But you know, it is SO GOOD! If you haven’t tried making your own pasta…GO FOR IT!

I tell you working at an airport over the Christmas season was eye opening! So much fun and emotion. We were crazy busy for a while and what I love most about this job are some of the comments we get. Yes we are a small airport on Vancouver Island, however when we have 4 flights leaving within 5 minutes of each other, (over 1000 passengers) yes there is a line up to go through security, you cannot show up at the time your flight is boarding and look at me and say… ‘ my flight is boarding now…. Is there any way I can jump the line?’ Ummmm NO….my usual answer is ‘ we are working as fast as we can in there sir/mam; however if you want to convince everyone in this line that you can jump ahead, go for it!’ Ah travelers! And please may I also remind you that liquids are still not allowed in your carry on! Even if it does say shampoo and you get me to smell it, I am sorry it still can’t go 🙂

I love working at the airport. Something about getting up at 430am, driving along the highway with no traffic (except for the taxis), the crispness of the air and the business of the airport in the morning makes me happy! I also like to go out for my breakfast and have the following view:


2014 has also brought new friends and adventures. I met up with the lovely Helene, a Commisionair from work, for breakfast. What a delight! We talked and talked, when for a drive, washed her car and went into town. I am looking forward to hanging out with my new friend!

So goals for today: bake bread and salmon quiche….. Pictures to follow!!!

Live life to the fullest!


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