Christmas Time

YAY!!! This is my favorite time of year. My tree goes up on December first and my shortbread cookies go in the oven very soon after! I love buying presents for people and I really enjoy getting all that yummy food in the fridge for some Christmas feasts! It’s a time of year to visit with friends and catch up with the people you should be in touch with more often.



As a Vancouver islander! we pray for snow every year! and we did get a dusting over the past couple of days:


Parker requested his bed be put by the fire after his little run around!

Good news too… I have gone back to work for at least two weeks! It is nice to be back at the airport, pulling on that uniform everyday and making sure all our passengers have a safe flight! Most people have been in great spirits, I do feel bad, though, when I have to tell people that they can’t take that fancy shampoo/body wash on the plane with them. PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN FLYING, LIQUIDS OVER 100ml ARE STILK NOT ALLOWED, EVEN IF THEY ARE WRAPPED AS A PRESENT! Some have gone back and checked their bags in, others have given them up and will buy more when they arrive.

This is the first year EVER I will be working on Christmas Day! I was pretty upset at first, but then after being off work for a few months, the time an a half will be welcomed with open arms. I am working the late shift on Christmas Day, so Dave and I will get up and open stockings together, then head over to his parents house to open presents. I will then get into that uniform and Betty (the smart car) and I will head to the airport. I have been promised a turkey dinner plate will be set aside for a late night feast.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and season greetings to those who do not celebrate it.

Go, be with your families, give them a big hug, and enjoy some eggnog!


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