Fake it ’till you Make it!

I recently watched a TED talks that inspired me to think differently:

TED Talks fake it till you make it
Basically, how we hold ourselves effects how we are perceived by people. It is well worth the watch.

Amy Cuddy describes how she over came some hardships in her life and faked it until she made it. Positive affirmations and visualizations can help move you forward and grasp that bravery you need to get where you want to go.

Richard Branson- Are you brave enough

Richard Branson is an inspiration! I love reading his twitter feed! It reminds me to forget my fears and take life by the balls!

After reading and watching the above, i thought about what do I really want? I am cought between pursuing something that I don’t think I can get (I know that’s no way to think and this is something that I am working on) I have even written a proposal and have held onto it for the past year. I don’t know why I haven’t sent it in, or gone to speak to the CEO of the company to see if it is something they are interested in. I think it’s the fear of rejection that is stopping me in my tracks. But as Mr Branson says…. Am I brave enough? Or as Amy Cuddy encourages…can I fake it till I make it?

OF COURSE I CAN!!!! I just need to do it!

Nothing Ventured, nothing gained.

On another note….thank you to Steph E for encouraging me to go to the gym…. I ran/walked for 30min and almost two miles!! I then used the elliptical machine for 15min and the recumbent bike for 15min. Pumped some iron for 30 min and I am Feeling AWESOME!!!

Now to flex that brain muscle and think positive !!!!

PS I do have my old job back for at least 3 weeks!! Back doing security at the airport…woop woop!! BUT it does mean I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas …a first for me, this will be interesting!!


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